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How to list Configuration Manager Client Cache information

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To list Configuration Manager Client Cache information

Option 1

  1. Create “UIResource.UIResourceMgr” COM object
  2. Use GetCacheInfo method to get Cache information
  3. Use GetCacheElements method to print out the items

Option 2

  1. Set up the WMI connection to Root\ccm\SoftMgmtAgent namespace
  2. Query content information from CacheInfoEx WMI Class


Example Output

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Kaido Järvemets is a developer, consultant, trainer specializing in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and PowerShell Solutions at Coretech. Kaido frequently speaks at European conferences and had his US debut as speaker at MMS April 2013. Kaido is well-known in the Configuration Manager communities where he’s a key player in the PowerShell game. Kaido host one of the most complete Configuration Manager PowerShell library’s in the world with hundreds of free code samples ready to download and implement – www.cm12sdk.net. Kaido has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Microsoft Enterprise Client Management for his work with Configuration Manager from 2011 – to present. Kaido is the founder of System Center User Group Estonia in 2011.


  1. Boanerges  March 2, 2016

    Great Post.. I just got some clarity on this beiovhar from MSFT. Apparently, this is the default beiovhar even when a backup is compressed. Backup will try to extend disk files to its full backup size during backup. But when the backups process completes it only takes the needed space.According to MSFT, this has been filed as a bug but the fix has been postponed. To work around this issue, it has been suggested to use Trace flag 3042. This Trace flag will disable the pre-extension of the backup files and we would not see the pre-extension of backup files during initial stages of backup.So you enable trace flag 3042 in the beginning of the backup script and disable it at the end of the script.Example:DBCC TRACEON (3042, -1); Turn on trace flagBACKUP DATABASE [mydb] TO DISK …;BACKUP DATABASE [mydb] TO DISK …;DBCC TRACEOFF (3042, -1); Turn off trace flag


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