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Automating Configuration Manager with PowerShell

About this Course

This class is not your average Microsoft class. This class is delivered by an Enterprise Client management Microsoft MVP who has been working with PowerShell and Configuration Manager for years and where only real life solutions matter. Throughout the class not only will you be brought to a whole new level of expertise, but also understand and be able to explain why your new knowledge is valuable to you and the entire organization. This is your ticket to the future of management and automation.

Learn how to automate and simplify your day to day management in Configuration Manager. All Configuration Manager Admins know that there are a lot of trivial tasks in Configuration Manager that we need to carry out almost every day or week or month, like deploying software updates, creating new packages, applications, and more.  Doing all these tasks manually is time consuming, and prevents you from spending time on more valuable and innovative ideas and tasks. PowerShell is arguably the second native language for IT-PROs, and we believe that every single IT-PRO must use PowerShell to stay ahead of the curve.

This course teaches all the necessary techniques that you may need to know for managing your Configuration Manager environment. During the labs you will learn how to use the Configuration Manager PowerShell Module and how to build your own custom solutions. Kent Agerlund and Kaido Järvemets have developed this class based on years of experience of implementing and managing different sizes of Configuration Manager Environments.

After the class you will have production ready scripts that takes your daily Configuration Manager management to a whole new level!

At Course Completion

  • Understand how to install and configure Configuration Manager Site System Roles
  • Understand how to manage Configuration Manager daily. This includes:
    • Packages
    • Applications
    • Software Updates
    • Operating System Deployment
    • Configuration Items
    • Collections
  • Understand how to create custom tools for Configuration Manager
  • Understand how to use Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Understand how to manage the Configuration Manager Client
  • Understand how to manage Configuration Manager remotely
  • Understand how to create auditing scripts for Configuration Manager



Target audience:

This course is for IT-Professionals who are responsible for managing Configuration Manager on a daily basis

Pre knowledge requirement:

Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 class or equivalent knowledge, or completed Microsoft Official Curriculum course 10747/48

Experience with PowerShell is highly recommended.


Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files



  • Getting Started with PowerShell
    • Overview and Background
    • Using Modules
    • Leveraging WMI
  • Getting started with Configuration Manager PowerShell Module cmdlets
  • Working with Configuration Manager PowerShell Module cmdlets
    • Rolling out Site System Server Roles


  • Working with Configuration Manager PowerShell Module
    • Managing Collections
    • Managing Packages
    • Managing Applications
    • Managing Software Updates
    • Managing Operating System Deployment
  • Configuration Manager and Windows Management Instrumentation
    • WMI classes, namespaces and methods


  • Developing custom tools
    • Working with the SDK
    • Creating tools for Status Filter Rules
    • Windows Presentation Framework frontends
  • Creating auditing scripts for Site Roles and features like Collections etc.
    • HTML Reports
    • Email enabled scripts


Contact me for more details!

  • Kaj@coretech.dk