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New training: Automating Configuration Manager with PowerShell

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I just created a separate page for our new Configuration Manager automation class. You can check out the details from here
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Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and R2 PowerShell Provider

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As you might have already noticed that Configuration Manager PowerShell Provider is lot like Active Directory, Registry etc. provider. To run a cmdlet you need to be inside CMSITE.

If you are still using SP1+, then:

1. you can´t use New-Item cmdlet to create folders

2. you can´t set the location to sub folders

3. Get-ChildItem does not work at all

If you are using R2+, then

1. You can use New-Item to create folders

2. You can change ...

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The EASY WAY – List objects in specific folder in Configuration Manager 2012 with PowerShell

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Last week I saw one blog post how to list specific folder objects and I believe that actually there is much easier way to list the objects in specific folder. First we need to figure out the ContainerNodeID which is the folder unique ID.

We have several ways to find out the folder unique ID, for example we can run the ConfigMgr Admin console in developer mode or we can use a WMI ...

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Windows Azure Pack PowerShell command-lets

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Windows Azure Pack cmdlets
You can download the Excel Sheet from here
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SCCM Client Actions Tool PowerShell Edition aka PoshCAT

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SCCM Client Actions Tool PowerShell Edition aka PoshCAT is a practical and simple PowerShell application for performing most common day-to-day administrative tasks on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Clients. The tool allows running actions remotely on one or more computers simultaneously. A list of computers can be provided either from a file (CSV, TXT) or loaded from Configuration Manager Collection importer or through Add Computer prompt.

You can ...

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Coretech WMI and PowerShell Explorer

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A few weeks ago we released a new tool – WMI and PowerShell Explorer. You can use this tool to browse different namespaces, classes, methods etc and this tool is also integrated with CM12SDK web site and this means that you can download Configuration Manager 2012 PowerShell module command-let examples. You can read more about this feature from here

Coretech WMI and PowerShell ...

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