To send an email when Operating system installation is completed:

  1. Open Configuration Manager Console
  2. From the Configuration Manager Console, open Administration workspace
  3. Select sites and on the home tab select Status Filter Rules
  4. On the Status Filter Rules window, press Create
  5. On the Create Status Filter Rule wizard , you need to fill the following text boxes:
    1. Name – example value : “Windows 8 x64 with Adobe Apps – OSD END
    2. Source – example value: Client
    3. Message ID – example value: 11171
    4. Property – example value: Package ID
    5. Property Value – example value: TPT0005a (TPT0005a is a TASK SEQUENCE ID)
    6. Run a program– example value: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -file D:\Scripts\OSD_Deployment_Success.ps1 -ComputerName %msgsys -TS “Windows 8 x64 with Adobe Apps“
  6. Click Next to finish the Wizard
  7. Start the Operating system installation and test the Status Filter Rule script