SDK (software development kit) is a term that refers to a set of software development tools used to create an application for software packages operating system, computer systems, software framework, and game consoles. A common tool is debugging facilities which are often presented in an IDK (integrated development environment). SDK can also include supporting documentation, such as technical notes and sample codes which a developer can reference while working on a program. Software developers implement specific kits to enable advanced functionalities and other functions, such as advertisements and push notifications. SDK is an essential component in the world of software development.

SDKs can be specific or general; this means that there are those which are only used to develop specific application while others are compatible with any platform. For instance, to develop an android app on a Java platform, you ought to have a java development kit while for universal windows you have to use a .NET Framework SDK. Moreover, SDKs can be installed in applications to analyze and provide data for that specific application; apps such as Google and Facebook use these types of SDK.   



SDK can be licensed so as not to be used to build software that is not compatible with the license. For example, a proprietor SDK cannot go together with free software development while a GPL licensed SDK may not be compatible with all the above. The licensing of SDKs is usually for legal and security reasons. Further, there are instances where SDKs are unsafe mostly because they run separate codes although they are implemented within apps. Malicious apps can cause a lot of damage to the user as they can affect the performance of an app, violate user data privacy, or even lead a permanent ban from Google Play or App Store. However, technology allows developers to monitor apps to detect those that are harmful to users.

SDK is an important tool for software developers and software development as a whole. Moreover, it is designed for specific applications, thus important to have prior knowledge of what SDK suits the application you are working on. Equally important, be wary SDKs that tend to compromise applications as they pose significant harm thereof.